13 Nov 2013


Stakeholders delibarating during a visit to a demo site at the farmer's field day

A highly successful farmer’s field day under the theme “GOOD WAYS TO FEED THE CROPS THAT FEED US” was held in Siaya County of Western Kenya on 8th November 2013. The field day was part of the activities in the ongoing project on “Promoting 4R nutrient stewardship in Africa". The field day was organized by IPNI in conjunction with the Gem Sub County Agricultural Office (SCAO) with the aim of bringing together farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain for training on the best nutrient management practices. IPNI demo sites near the field day venue were used to demonstrate the effect of different macronutrients on maize growth and development. The demo sites which have been designed as nutrient omission trials served as a good platform for training farmers on the benefits of balanced nutrition. The field day also provided a forum where farmers could engage policy makers and agricultural experts on the challenges facing them in crop production. Among the challenges that farmers cited were the delay in delivery of government subsidized fertilizer and the damage of crops by wildlife such as monkeys. During the field day, farmers were also provided with newly developed extension materials to guide them on the best agronomic practices for maize production and also help them in the identification and interpretation of nutrient deficiencies. The materials which have been developed by IPNI in partnership with the African Soil Health Consortium (ASHC) are part of the 4R extension materials that will be developed under this project. Over 400 farmers attended the event which was graced by the director of IPNI SSA program Dr Shamie Zingore and the Siaya County Director of Agriculture Mr Solomon Mulindi who was the guest of honor. Dr Zingore reaffirmed the commitment of IPNI to work closely with the County government and the local community in promoting the best ways to manage soils through the 4R nutrient stewardship framework. In his speech, the County Director of Agricultural applauded IPNI for its work in promoting best nutrient management practices and indicated the willingness of his office to incorporate findings from studies by IPNI in the area in the formulation of agricultural policies. Other stakeholders who participated included;

    i. The Ministry of Agriculture extension department.

    ii. The Ministry of Agriculture livestock department.

    iii. The Kenya forestry service.

    iv. The local administration.

    v. Crop nutrition.

    vi. Millennium villages.

    vii. One Acre fund.

    viii. Western Seed Company.

    ix. Agro dealers.

    x. Local community based organisations.

    xi. Youth groups.

    xii. Women groups.

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