11 Jun 2014

4R Nutrient Stewardship Project featured in ASHC and CGIAR research and development highlights

In recognition to the impact of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship project in Western Kenya the African Soil Health Consortium (ASHC) and the CGIAR Research Program on Maize have featured the project in recent newsletters. The May 2014 issue of Soil Health newsletter article by ASHC highlights the success achieved in jointly developing and disseminating simplified 4R extension print material to extension officers and farmers in Western Kenya.. The article also describes how Mr Nathaniel Ndemba, one of the lead farmers working with the 4R Nutrient Stewardship project has been able to increase his maize yields from 10 bags to 40 bags in his 2 acre field by adopting 4R practices on using the Right Source of fertilizer, at the Right Rate, at the Right Time, and at the Right Place. Read more.

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship project was also featured in a newsletter by the CGIAR Research Program on Maize. This article acknowledges the role that the 4R Nutrient Stewardship project is playing in providing access to information on best nutrient and agronomic management practices for improved maize productivity in Western Kenya through field based training, workshops, and development and dissemination of simplified print and audio visual 4R extension content. The article also presents an overview of the Nutrient Expert for Hybrid Maize decision support tool, which is being used to develop site specific nutrient management practices for maize production intensification in smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more.

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