02 Oct 2015

Strengthening linkages with local institutions of higher learning

Students and teaching staff from Kenyatta University and IPNI staff after the seminar

In an effort to further strengthen the existing linkages between local institutions of higher learning and IPNI, and as part of efforts to communicate IPNI SSA program activities in the region, the IPNI SSA program in partnership with Kenyatta University department of Agricultural Resource Management held a public seminar on the 25th of September, 2015. The seminar attended by graduate and postgraduate students as well as teaching staff of the Agricultural Resource Management Department focused on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship concept and IPNI’s strategy to adapt 4Rs to smallholder farming systems in SSA, as well as the Africa Soil Health Consortia (ASHC) concept in enhancing ISFM knowledge and adoption of ISFM technologies in SSA. Samuel Njoroge, the 4R project manager, took the participants through the 4R nutrient stewardship approach which includes yield gap diagnosis, development of 4R practices for various crops, training of farmers and extension officers on best fertilizer and crop management practices, development of simplified 4R extension materials, development of simple 4R tools and creating platforms for stakeholders interaction. He also highlighted the importance of site specific recommendations through the IPNI developed Nutrient Expert decision support tool, and the achievements of the 4R project over the past two years. James Mutegi, the ASHC project manager, IPNI took participants through the Africa Soil Health Consortia concept whose main aim is to harmonize ISFM information through development of national and regional databases that provide site specific information related to crop and nutrient management recommendations. He explained the current challenges facing access to information among researchers resulting in duplication of efforts and reduced projects impacts. The conference provided the students with a platform to better understand IPNI activities and also gain insight on some of the challenges and opportunities within the regional agricultural sector that they may need to address when coming up with their research concepts.

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