24 Nov 2014

4R Extension Handbook for Smallholder Farming Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Download the PDF, or write to the IPNI SSA regional office (email: ssa@ipni.net; snjoroge@ipni.net) to request a free copy.

The IPNI sub-Saharan Africa Program has released an extension handbook for fertilizer management in smallholder farming in sub-Saharan Africa. The innovative handbook was developed as a resource for researchers, extension agents, agrodealers and other stakeholders working with smallholder farmers. Its purpose is to ensure that researchers and extension agents working with farmers have adequate information required to demonstrate and communicate to farmers the best ways to use fertilizers and other nutrient resources. The handbook provides practical guidelines for best nutrient management based on the principles of 4R nutrient Stewardship: Applying the Right Source of nutrients ta the Right Rate, Right Time and Right Place. Download or request your free copy.

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