08 Dec 2015

Impact of Oil Palm Best Management Practices in Ghana

Availability of suitable land to cultivate oil palm is becoming increasingly scarce in Ghana and yield intensification on existing plantations and small holder farms, through improved management practices, offer the best opportunities to increase production. The International Plant Nutrition Institute in partnership with Solidaridad West Africa and oil palm plantations established the Best Management Practice (BMP) project in 2012 with the overall goal to support plantations and small holder farms to increase oil palm yields and profits by improving agronomic management. Between 2013 and 2015, the project has demonstrated substantial yield increases with introduction of BMPs and supported knowledge dissemination through training activities and development of BMP knowledge products. BMP plots established at plantations and small holder farms not only prove the success of yield intensification, but also serve as learning centers for plantation staff and small holder farmers. Closing yield gaps in Ghana’s plantations and small holders could lead to greatly increased profitability for investors and farmers alike and make a significant contribution to closing the gap between the supply and demand for palm oil in Ghana. Below is a full report on the project activities and its impacts.

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