11 Mar 2014

***DRAFT*** IPNI President visits IPNI SSA program office

The IPNI SSA program had the pleasure of hosting the President of IPNI, Dr Terry Roberts during a two day visit to Kenya between the 24th and 25th January 2014. He was able to meet and interact with staff, students and partners working with the IPNI SSA program through a series of meetings and presentations. Dr Roberts also visited field demonstrations on 4R nutrient management practices in western Kenya and participated in a farmer’s field day aimed at evaluating the effect of balanced nutrition on maize production. Accompanying the IPNI president for this visit were the vice president for Asia and Africa programs, Dr. Adrian Johnston, and deputy director for IPNI North Africa Program, Dr. Hakim. Dr Hakim was especially interested in learning about the implementation of the western Kenya 4R nutrient stewardship project being implemented by the IPNI SSA program, so that he could use lessons learnt to set up a similar project in North Africa.

A major highlight of Dr Roberts visit to SSA program was a half hour live television breakfast show on a leading television station, KBC TV in Kenya. Accompanied by Dr Shamie Zingore the IPNI SSA program director, Dr Roberts gave insights on the global mandate of IPNI, while highlighting the issues facing agriculture worldwide, and the various programs that IPNI is implementing to address these issues. On his part, Dr Zingore spoke of the challenges facing the agricultural sector in SSA and the options available for increasing agricultural productivity in the region, with a special focus on the role of the 4R nutrient management in increasing crop productivity in the region.

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